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ganda. manunuod ako bukas. for the third time.

Sold! Watching it tomorrow.

tangina sarap basahin especially on LJ! ! ! !
galing mo talaga mag sulat q!

waiting for Netflix ......


P.S. this was sweet, Quark -- personal posts are best

ang ganda ng ang nawawala!

Aside from the obvious that this is a great entry, I'm just happy that some people still use LJ :-)

Loved reading this. People should start blogging again! :)

I cant believe you locked all your entries!!

sorry na affect ako, i need your lj to relive my past and i felt such sadness upon realizing there were no more entries to back read!!!

this is so tragic at least i friends only mo naman or custom group or something GRABE SOBRANG NAKAKADEPRESS TANGINA FUCK

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