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How to Not Feel Like a Whore Again, pt. 1

so diego and i wrote this movie about a rock band called Rakenrol two years ago and it's in development hell mostly because the Philippine movie industry is still stuck in the 1950s with the goddamn studio system and big studios won't lend us their talent and so i wake up this morning and think to myself, "motherfucker. i don't need artistas, dammit! i can get actors!"

hehehe. so. we have decided to hold auditions. if you love cinema and music do spread the word. tell all your friends! or audition yourself!

we are looking for people to play the

male. someone who looks 18 years old. college student, thin-ish build. shy, reserved guy into rock music. quiet genius type. knows how to play guitar.

male. someone who looks 24-26. thin build. barista and former punk, but doesn't look it anymore because he has to make a living. knows how to play guitar.

male. someone who looks 18. a bit more heavily built -- bully looking. is a drummer who doesn't know anything about music but just needs to vent his anger to the world.

female. 18 year old looking. thin to medium build. spunky, pretty, funny and quirky. must know how to sing (preferrably rock music or any of its sub-genres)

auditions will be held at Furball Inc., #70 18th Ave. Cubao Quezon City on Saturday, May 19. for scheduling purposes and inquiries you can contact Sab Tañedo at 0917-5380435 or e-mail her your resumes at
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