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warfare, love, sex videos, rock and roll
breaking bad, heisenberg
goddammit, trillanes.

now, i do admit that i believe in magdalo and voted for the guy, and really i did wish all the best for him when he got elected, but what the hell was that stunt?! how am i supposed to believe in this guy as an alternative to our corrupt government when his concept of "serving the Filipino" is walking out of due process, getting a bunch of angry soldiers with guns together, and raiding another hotel full of innocent bystanders? it's barbaric, not to mention poorly planned. in other words, pampagulo lang. i don't know why instead of going on and on about how corrupt GMA is they don't just hold an interview and present the facts. i mean, everyone's dying to have them on air anyway.

and then you have miss crimes against humanity. if the UN has findings that the AFP is behind the killings of the leftists, it's only a matter of time now before they get to her. Arroyo is getting sloppy, and scared. she's grasping at straws, and her mistakes are getting bigger and more numerous every time. i know that Filipinos easily forget, but the phrases "media blackout", "salvaging", "arrest without miranda rights" and "curfew" are very strong ones, and like the worst allergens they open very old and deep wounds.

but enough of the negative, and on to the positive-- pilya is my idol. almost getting teargassed, creeping out of her safe urdaneta home to take pics of the events that transpired, GETTING INTERVIEWED ON CNN! whodathunk that our baby TAMTAM would be capable of such things? read about it here. Mich recently blogged about dealing with her apprentices growing up. to me Tammy will always be that little angsty ICA girl who complains about everything. ah, that heavy thump in the heart-- that is pride, my friends.


speaking of little girls growing up, you have Maui, my ex-girlfriend, who i will always remember as the one who forced me to have our picture taken with Ed Roland of COLLECTIVE fucking SOUL. and last week, in one fell swoop miss Maui Reyes was able to achieve two things many of us have been dreaming of -- getting engaged and getting namedropped in Neil Gaiman's blog. how? best if the lovely couple explain themselves here and here. congratulations, you two!

as for me, the only kilig-worthy moment i got with Neil was him telling me "why yes i did see your film, and i quite liked it, actually. in fact, I forgot to say this in the interview but it was one of the primary influences in me holding a short film competition here next year(!)" malamang stir, but when my imaginary keka deluxe edition dvd never comes out at least i'll have blurbs from Jessica Hagedorn, Quentin Tarantino and Neil Gaiman at the back, hahaha.


rock awards will continue, and i am a fucking mess.

it's the first time in its 13 year history that i will be directing the rock awards, and along with the facts that there're 42 bazillion other events at the same time, a celebrity drought, and slight chance of really heavy rains, PGMFA might extend curfew. fun fun fun. good thing i have the best office in the world, furball, to help me.

this is what a normal day at furball is like--

1. RA gets ready to shoot Asia Agcaoili's new sex video, Rock Hard

2. while not shooting, Ramon and Jun discuss Allen Dizon's uncanny abilities to attract everyone with his tantalizing look (this is not staged btw)

quote of the day:
Asia Agcaoili: i-post nyo yan sa facebook ha! don't forget to tag me!
a zhimfool vhleazyoor


we have a new band. we are called Us-2 Evil-0. we played first gig in secret in the recesses of BF Homes, but are now a bit more encouraged to battle against evil. gig 2 will be at Mag:Net, Bonifacio High Street on December 1 along with other new bands for Revolver. we hope to see you so you can share our message of love.

yes. that shirt again. yes. sweat stains rule.

Oh man the proposal almost made me cry. I don't really know Maui but I remember her giving me a mixtape of Backstreet Boys US interviews and unreleased songs when we were 12 cos I was obsessed. So based on that, she deserves it. Hahahaha.

See you tom, Quarky. I'm sure the event will kick ass.

I shar eyour views on the Trillanes thing. I ws really hoping he had something up his sleeve as a redeeming factor.

In the end he showed once again that he had no balls.

As someone in a message board said: palpak ang gobyerno, palpak ang pulis, palpak pati rebelde. hahaha.

small world: Tammy is my prima and we went to school together in ICA. Whoa!

so you probably went to school with kris, my prom date, and gillian chua, my movie buddy and laise, my former student and andrea ocier, the feminist pornographer, and anna go, the lovely lady who turned her back on prod, and cher tiu, the happiest girl in the world, and denise teng, my sexy beast lovah! icans rule, especially if you come from that batch! small world indeed :D

Nice to see that you're feeling the illinoise.

(Deleted comment)
hahahaha was that icon a heroes/dr who reference?!

Thanks Quark!! You're my idol for telling the singer of Collective soul that you've been a fan since '92 when they came out with their first album in '93

hahahaha omg i did that?! i still have our picture with ed roland, i'll try to scan it and post it someday :p

awwwwh. i love how he did that proposal. i'd have been floored if that happened to me!

(also, im convinced that all the reyeses are related. my bf and one of my best friends are also related to lola basyang!!! and they don't know each other! hah. big family.)

hey direk, the video was funny.


"and last week, in one fell swoop miss Maui Reyes was able to achieve two things many of us have been dreaming of -- getting engaged and getting namedropped in Neil Gaiman's blog.

--IYAK NA QUARK! hahahaha.

huuu huuu huuu +hikbi+! hahahahaha

he was just delusional to expect even a fraction of his millions of voters to materialize on makati avenue on a rainy afternoon on the day of SWELDO right before a national holiday. especially after he's caused such heavy traffic--how can his supporters (if any) even get there before 3pm? what he intended to look like a spontaneous little "uprising" only came across as an obviously but poorly planned fart of a stunt.

doesn't he know that in the EDSAs, bus-loads of organized people from the provinces probably formed a huge chunk of the mob? three words: planning, marketing and logistics.

and if he didn't want to harm civilians, he shouldn't have walked into a hotel.

haha, my feelings exactly! if he wanted to do it he should have done it on a monday or non-payday holiday with NO RAIN and no traffic. he lost his credibility and a good chance at getting sympathizers for NOTHING!

and the manila pen is so hard to get to! aww man.

that cop photo looks like a caricature out of a Los Bros Hernandez comic.

(Deleted comment)

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

yeah it looks good on you. How are you? mishu much

trillanes, maui

Hey Quark! Landed in your blog after clicking on some friend's links.

Re: Trillanes, what I don't get is his penchant for swanky hotels. Sosyal ang venue ng attempted coups: Oakwood, Pen. Kailangan yata mabango at aircon ang room na pagtataguan. And mind you, malayo-layo rin ang Makati RTC sa Pen ha. Oh well. That's my sick angle about this whole coup thing, hahaha!

Re: Maui, was she pre- or post-Chico? Lost track, hehehe.

Cheers! Mwah!


gaga! labo. tapos sobrang olats yung pagpili nya ng venue no? easily closed off hahaha. sana shang lang man or intercon no! diyos ko!

maui was post chiko anuba. chiko was my first girlfriend. then maui then lia :)

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