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let's talk about 2012.

but let's really talk about 2012, not the usual "2012 was so fun i learned so much had a blast" kind of talk, but the kind of talk we used to talk like. the non social media talk. the this-should-be-private-but-at-least-it's-out-there talk. the kind of talk only people like sugarcandypop will see, because she's the only one who still reads LJ. the we don't give a shit about the rules of writing talk. the i wont even provide an LJ cut for you kind of talk because really, does anyone still read their LJ feed?

let's talk about starting off the year in goteborg sweden in the fucking cold, being the only asian in a small hidden movie theater in the middle of nowhere, finding out too late that there are no English subtitles, having to sit through 2 hours of a film i could not understand because i could not escape.

let's talk about the Young Kim, and learning to actually kind of love performing blink 182, and lit, and rage against the machine. performing in front of my classmates, having a moshpit made in our honor. performing in front of hundreds in Stanford University, winning that golden briefcase. i hated the music, i loved the band.
let's talk about maybe kinda sorta finally loving school. the bane of my existence: B school. finding classes i loved, and people i really loved. real friends. friends to the end. if any of you Marshall School of Business kids read this, know that i genuinely loved some of you , and that you know who you are. and thank you for making me your prom prince.
let's talk about SXSW, and learning what it's like to have the time of your life completely alone. staying up with random strangers until 3 in the am, looking for a cab you can share. meeting linklater, and mothersbaugh, and apatow, and knoxville. suddenly housing pat sarabia because she'd pass out on the fucking streets of Austin Texas drunk. and of course, Taken by Cars. here's to Taken by Cars, always and forever.
let's talk about living in New York for 3 months, and working for Ted. let's talk about all those wonderful meals we had, and the people we had those wonderful meals with. let's state for the record here and now that i want to move there, that i want to find work there, so i can look back at this and hit myself in the head if it doesn't work out. let's talk about hearing my favoritest song of all time and meeting the lady who wrote it and tagging her in facebook posts, because she is my facebook friend, and how if i told myself that 16 years ago when i first heard lines and lines my 16 year old self would have no idea what i was talking about. let's talk about meeting Hal Hartley, one of the top three directors in my fucking life, and sitting down with him and talking with him for two fucking hours. and if i told myself that 18 years ago when i first saw Amateur i would have never believed it.
let's talk about comicon and how awesome it was and milla and michelle and bryan and joseph gordon and how nice anna kendrick smelled. let's talk about how much fun i had that people ask me if i'm really studying in America. let's talk about that 50% bacon 50% ground beef burger and how maybe i'll look back at Duckaroni and smile. maybe.
let's talk about Japan, and spending ten days in Japan with the most wonderful people. let's talk about having some of the best meals i've ever had in my life, and how lucky and blessed we truly are.
let's talk about midget boxing, and boracay. let's talk about the pains of having to take care of 30 AMERICANS as they went around the Philippines. let's talk about cucinillo and mr kebab and jt's manukan. let's talk about how it's more fun in the Philippines, and why showing my awesome country off was one of the best things i've ever done in my life.
let's talk about the year being almost perfect. ALMOST. except for that one thing. that one goddamn thing. let's talk about being an emotional dildo, and listening to Fiona Apple on loop. let's talk about broken people, and how one should never even dare attempt fixing them. let's talk about wondering why this even happened in the first place, and realizing that it's because one needed to learn a lesson. there's always that one thing. that one goddamn thing.

or let's not. and just celebrate each other, and the fact that the world didn't end. happy new year, random stranger who still reads livejournals. i celebrate you.
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