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this is so funny man. i went to Fetusmart to gander at the fetuses and saw this guy and thought to myself "shit. what an emo fetus." and sure enough...

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I love it how everyone's using 'emo' as an adjective today.

-Pare, don't bother me. I'm feeling a bit emo.

-O, dude. Ok ka lang? Ang emo mo ngayon a.

-I really like your painting. It's so emo.

The first time I heard the word 'emo' was from Marie Jamora in second year college. Me, Mikey and her were listening to SEAM and she went 'who are these guys? they're so emo sounding.'

an hour later...
me: mikey, ano bang ibig sabihin ng emo?
mikey: ewan ko nga e. di ko nga alam kung paano i-spell yan e.

a day later...
me: maps, ano yung emo?
myrene: ah. emotional core. when hardcore kids get tired and mellow out.

to make things simpler whenever people asked me what it meant after that i'd just go 'basta, parang natatae yung vocalist.'

I remember in NYFA Chris had a classmate with a band that sounded just like Sunny Day Real Estate and I called him emo and he wanted to kick my ass so bad.

Lille's friend Anthony cried once during a Dashboard Confessional gig. then he changed the label of the office tissue box to EMO WIPES, with the subtitle: "because she will never come back."

There was this guy in the Chicosci album preview gig who wore a shirt saying "emo is gay". Wish I thought of that (and this other shirt that said "even Jesus hates Creed").

this is what drives me nuts: in the 90's all the 'me-tal' 105.9 listening people wanted to kick hip-hoppers' asses, correct? then in the early part of this decade they dedicated their lives to this whole rap/rock thing, which is, just like the label says, a hybrid of HIP HOP and METAL,not to mention a very angry type of music. and now, all of a sudden, they're getting in touch with their feelings and crying during gigs? to quote Fred Willard in 'A Mighty Wind' "HEYY! WHUHAPPEN?"

and so you gotta wonder, in the year 2010 will people disown emo, black-rimmed glasses and corduroy just like how in the 90's people disowned new wave, big belts and shoulder pads? just as I'm sure people are now disowning the fact they ever bought into that whole baggy-pants spiky-dredds 'Tribal' look?

oy tangena, wala akong pinapatamaan na blog dito ha. malay ko ba kung ginagamit n'yo ang 'emo' bilang pang-uri sa mga post nyo no. pasensya na po. naaaliw lang.

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