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lost in L O S T

before anything, it should be noted that this post is spoiler free, because i want more than anything for you to experience what i experienced.

and as much as i hate making "what happened today" posts because i'm afraid they'd bore you, sometimes there are days where things just happen and everything falls into place in little ways that make you appreciate friends, and art, and tsisimis, and basically the beauty of story.

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after that ordeal we headed on over to Big Sky Mind to watch Twisted Halo's final gig, and that felt like driving back to the year 2000. it really saddened me, watching these guys who've been around maybe 6 years or so play their final set. i was there before the beginning, when Vin and Jason would argue over modern rock (hehe, you know i love you Vinfred) in their pre-Halo band TRIGGER DICK. i was offered to be their first manager, but i was happy enough just being a fan. and Twisted Halo, they were an inspiration to us all. none of us ever dared going independent until they did. i remember joey using the computers at Powerbooks (where he worked) to burn the first 300 copies of their ep, or vin approaching schools and offering to play in parking lots. they led the way, and have what is for me the best title of a Filipino album ever ("In Loving Memory of The Fearless Exploits of The Bolo Brigade"). they're also the first of us, the SundayGrabeSunday/Admit One set, to break up. it's so sad to see their music go, but it was a pleasant surprise to end Twisted Halo on a very intimate note. and it's nice to know that whenever i hear Grohl On Me I'll remember Vin sideswipe his hatred for Viva to do me a favor, or how Miron will bring back fond memories of student projects and how Brad will make me think of Roddy and Carlito (hehe). i don't think there's any better way to enjoy music.
breaking bad, heisenberg

read these words and imbibe them in your head : KEANA REEVES WILL MAKE IT TO TOP FOUR

and so it begins.

i was having my computer fixed when i get a call from dulce all of a sudden.

mich: did ABS call you?
me: no. why?
mich: they want me to VTR for Pinoy Big Brother!
me: are you fucking crazy!? no!
mich: but it'll be good for the store!
me: it'll probably be good for the band too, but-- i've been there and if they so desire they can look at your boobs!
mich: shit, really?
me: well they definitely won't air it but the writers have access to the cr.
mich: oh no. sige, tama. nevermind.

two weeks later...

mich: i'm joining.
me: fuck, man. if you're joining play to win 'to. you can't be bratty english-speaking mich. you have to be charming and say "poh" to everyone.
mich: tang ina tama! isang milyon din yan!
me: damn straight.
mich: and Osang's joining. can i mention you?
me: if you want to fight, yes. sana andyan pa rin si Agassi.
mich: Can Agassi Rap Like Old School?
me: and you have to call him that. don't call him Carlos.

mich: yes i think i will always address him as Can Agassi Rap Like Old School. "Can Agassi Rap Like Old School, pakipass naman yung salt o" .and give me your band's shirt. i will wear it on the show. you know the only reason i'm really doing this is so your mom will endorse me and give me free breast reduction + lipo.
me: you'll have all that if you say Fluxxekakke on public television.
mich: i'll make it a catch phrase.
me: you gotta teach that shit to everyone. FLUXXEKAKKE!

as the weeks went on everyone was making guesses about who else was gonna be on the show. Chin Chin Gutierrez and Osang were supposed to be surefire contestants, but i don't think they're there. is Agassi there? please please God let Agassi be there so that he may flash his pencil-long nipples and make raps (old school raps) about everything that goes on in that household. there were rumors that Chito was going to join, but i don't think he is either. Lourd was gonna be there 'til they told him he can't have music in the house. they invited my mom at one point but thank Jesus our Lord she didn't.

and so the people at ABS wer speculating and leaking and someone told me Budoy from Kilat would be there and i said no way in hell that would not be in line with the Rastafarian way but he is and someone told me she saw Bianca doing a pictorial for the show but i was like come on she has like 13 other shows why would she give that up for big brother? alas, i was wrong. however, for some weird reason everyone was sure Keana (sp?)Reeves was going to be there. and it was like a running joke. "Dulce tell Keana Reeves she should do roles like Ted Theodore Logan again." or " hindi pwede si Osang diyan no andiyan na si Keana Reeves eh" (translation:"it is easier for Rosanna Roces to enter the eye of a needle than the Pinoy Big Brother house, for a buxom bosom-heavy, titillating BOLD star named Kianna Reeves is already there")

holy shit dulce is on pinoy big brother daw.
sender: Chris
02 05 2006 10:20 pm

yeah she is hahaha was she revealed na?
sender: Quark
02 05 2006 10:25 pm

yeah live on abs cbn. A hundred bucks says shes first to go.
sender: Chris
02 05 2006 10:36 pm

sige! i told dulce she better shape up so that she can at least go after kianna reeves.
sender: Quark
02 05 2006 10:40 pm

and then Keana Reeves goes up onstage and gives this really touching sob story complete with 'i will triumph over all those people who judge me because i sidelined as an escort' speech , crying moments while listening to her children cheering her on telling her they believe in her, and donation to gabriela(!). in my mind i'm intercutting this with mich's "iba ang tingin ng mga tao sakin kasi iba akong magdamit pero baka pagnakilala mo ako pareho lang tayo" (people look at me differently because i dress different but if you get to know me we could be one and the same) and shortly after publicly admitting that she is KSP and i'm thinking "oh dear. see you in two weeks, dulce."

to keep mich in the game text "PBB mich" to some number. do it. this is gonna be fun.

EDIT: Costello and i now have a bet going. he says she'll be gone by the first round. i think she'll last a week. since this is CELEBRITY EDITION, the rules are different. TWO PEOPLE will be removed per week. place ya bets, people! place ya bets!