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getting old, getting pudgier, getting angrier

last saturday was the fatal posporos reunion in Saguijo, and it was the most fun i've had in a local gig in a while. it seemed like a Sunday Grabe Sunday/Starugo reunion of sorts as well, because people i hadn't seen in a while started popping up (that includes you shoemucker!

and damn annette katchu was good! it seems like all the practice sessions with the cosplay and ska bands plus inspiration from watching everyone from The Pixies to The Police paid off. it's the first time that hearing people scream "HUBANNETTE!!!" brought tears to my eyes, hahaha

also, Lizza Nakpil was there with a Blanco-less Rivermaya! surreal. i told them to just form a new band and call themselves "Blanco" just for kicks.

Fatal fans can catch the band again tonight at Route 196 in Katipunan or tomorrow night with Ciudad, Twin Lobster and Love Team at Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand in the world of radio chismis,

look at THIS!

and this!

woah! what's up JAM 88.3? #1 - that's a really fucking ridiculous and unfunny stunt, and #2 - that's pretty fuckin low, even lower than Let's Fun(hehehe)! what happened? too much free time on your hands because you lost the VJ Hunt? venting anger that you're still not as popular as your sister, despite baring skin on FHM? i thought you learned the last time you dissed Dylan. Remember what happened? THE STATION YOU WORKED IN REFORMATTED. 20 years of rock and roll is a tough act to beat, mah fren.

Thank God that I don't work for NU anymore. Now I'm speaking as a fan (not even as Atom's kid), which means I can afford to be neither as professional nor diplomatic as Francis, Jay and Trish.

my love and apologies to kris. you know i love you :)


ok fuckers which one of you has my STACY!?! i miss it.